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DTL Canyon Park Testing Facility
In 2011, Detroit Testing Laboratory, Inc., opened its first testing laboratory in the Pacific Northwest. Housed in a 10,000 square foot facility, DTL Canyon Park was developed in an effort to better service customers in the military defense and aerospace industry in that region of the US.
DTL Melbourne Testing Facility
In 2009, Detroit Testing Laboratory, Inc., opened its first testing laboratory outside of Michigan. DTL Melbourne was developed in an effort to better service customers in the military defense and aerospace industry.
Chemical and Thermal Analysis
DTL performs Chemical and Thermal Analysis to define properties of a material, known in the industry as material characterization. The baseline information DTL provides our customers can be used as a future reference point for a standard material.
Electrical and Electronics Testing
DTL is capable of testing a variety of electrical and electronic components and systems for automotive, military, aerospace and consumer products. Whether it is a simple temperature and performance cycling durability test or an extensive Design or Production Validation program, DTL's engineering staff is among the testing industry's most experienced. Beyond testing to industry or customer specifications, we can design a custom test program to meet our customers' needs.
Environmental Simulation and Accelerated Weathering
Performance of a material or component used in the manufacturing of an automobile, military vehicle, aircraft or consumer product under extreme conditions is critical to the long-term reliability of that product. DTLís engineers utilize over 100 extreme condition environmental chambers which accelerate the effects of weathering and environmental conditions on small components to complete large-scale systems.
Fuel System and Component Testing
Detroit Testing Laboratory is the largest rated independent fuel system and component testing laboratory in North America. Our free-standing facility houses over 4,900 square feet of explosion-proof test cell area, rated to Class 1/Division 1 explosion standards.
Full-Vehicle and Large Product Environmental Chambers
DTL has the capability to test large products including passenger vehicles, military vehicles, and aircraft components. Test items can be functionally testing while experiencing environments that simulate real world temperature, humidity, and sunlight conditions. With 12 large walk-in and drive-in chambers, DTL offers more capacity in this area of environmental testing than most other labs.
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Battery Testing
Detroit Testing Laboratory has performed testing on battery systems for over 30 years in Detroit, Michigan. DTL's Advanced Battery Testing Laboratory in Warren, MI performs validation testing on Li-ion and Ni-MH battery cells, modules and packs by trained and experienced battery experts. Detroit Testing Laboratory is accredited to perform battery charge and discharge lifecycle testing, durability and abuse testing to FreedomCar, UNDOT, USABC, SAE J2464 and UL standards.
Mechanical and Fatigue Testing
Repeated use of a product is a clear way to test its durability and wear characteristics. DTL has a broad capability for lifetime durability cycling of automotive, military and aerospace components such as cup holders, glove boxes, doors, suspension systems, large plastic and metal components and structures.
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Materials
Detroit Testing Laboratory can perform a wide range of property testing, from hardness to tensile. Our analysis spans everything from ripping fabric to determine its tear resistance, to flammability tests on plastic materials to measure burn rates. The goal of such testing is to determine if the material meets the customerís quality needs.
Vibration and Shock Testing
Years of wear and tear on vehicles can be simulated in-house with our electrodynamic and servo-hydraulic vibration equipment. Test methods utilized replicate the vibration and shock of road conditions components would be subject to under real conditions. Our staff engineers and machinists can design and build test fixtures needed for your project.
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